Industrial Laundry Machine Automation – Success Stories


We are very pleased to share with our readers and followers this Success Stories from our customer and system integrator: Ingeniería Roraima (Engineering).  They develop upgrading and retrofit projects for existing and new Industrial Laundry Machines with our controllers Jazz and Samba series, powerful OPLC´s from Unitronics®.

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Mr. Hartiles, Ing. Roraima Director told us about his own experience as follows:

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Our significant experience with Unitronics OPLC´s is to solve our projects on an easy way using less space for electronics, less wiring and less elements due to the HMI incorporation.  All of this outcome on better numbers at technical and financial for our customer as well for ourselves. Since November 2014 till this date we already developed around 20 successful projects on different kinds of Industrial Laundry machines, for instance, old project took 10 hours or more installation time , but Unitronics reduced it to 5 or less hours. 

Our company has a broad experience on this field since 2004 where we were working in more that 100 projects with many different brands and types of PLC´s and Programmable Relays such as  LOGO, EASY, ARRAY, PICO, but our experience with Unitronics takes us to another and better kind of projects, another level giving us and to the customer something better, without expending more money with better prices and easy programming.


Our programming, costs, and installation times reduced significatively, giving us get more projects and to increase our profits.  


In summary, the use of Unitronics means:

  • Space reduction for Electronics and Controls
  • Wiring cost reduction (cable, manpower and time)
  • Components reduction (saving time and money)
  • Programming time reduction to half comparatively with old projects.
  • Productivity and profitability improvements.
  • Better outcome for System Integrator and Customization.


For contact Ing. Roraima or Mr. Hartiles write an  email to: or mobile +58-424-2558002 / +58-412-2072703.

We are thankful to Ingeniería Roraima for sharing this interesting project with exportation quality and we invite you to follow or next Success Story.


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